Colosseum Underground Tour: Going Behind the Scenes

Colosseum Underground Tour: Going Behind the Scenes

Why the Underground tour is the best way to visit the Colosseum?

Now many of us have the question. Why it is the best way to visit the Colosseum? What are the reasons for that?

Let me explain.

Firstly I want to clear one thing, the standard ticket to Colosseum gives you access only to the first and second tier of the Colosseum. To visit more and explore the history in detail, there are several tour options are available. The most extensive is – Colosseum Underground Tour.

It depicts the history of ancient Rome in a more detailed way. 

The Colosseum underground tour gives access to restricted areas and provides an experienced guide that provides history and story about Rome which gives you worth to come here.

Areas to visit on Colosseum Underground Tour.

The Arena Floor

The Arena Floor is the place that gives you the experience of fear and excitement at the same time. It is a stage that is newly added to the Colosseum. The original stage was ruined a long time ago.

The Arena Floor gives access to enter through the Gate of Death. Sounds spooky? Yes. It is the place where the dead body of gladiators was carried. Visitors can see the ruins of the Colosseum which was once one of the largest open amphitheaters in the world.

The guides will tell you the story of what the Colosseum was and what incidents took place where you are standing now.  It will give you the experience of fear when you know about how the gladiators lost their lives in the walls of the Colosseum

The Basement

The second place in the underground tour is the Colosseum’s Basement. It is the area where the animals and gladiators were kept before their performances. There are a number of cages tunnels, and rooms in the basement just beneath the arena floor.

Exploring the basement gives access to look at the preparations of the performances of the animals and gladiators. Most of the area of the Basement is either exposed or covered with grass. However, the outer rim areas are in good condition.  The lifts and other areas of the underground areas are reconstructed to understand the visitors how things were worked at that time. It is the best place to experience what happens here about 2000 years ago. 

The Third Ring

The third ring gives a wide view of the Colosseum from the top of the Amphitheater. Visitors can also see the ruins of the nearby Roman Forum and Palatine Hill from the third ring. The pieces of original outer walls of the Colosseum can be seen from here. (After the fall of Rome, most of the walls were sold or taken)

Things to Know about the Colosseum underground tour

  1. The underground of the Colosseum is so noisy and windy that it is very difficult to hear your guide. You are given a headset to solve the problem

2. The area under the colosseum is very narrow and steep. There is an easy chance to fall if you have limited mobility. So, be careful.

3. There are certain meeting points at the underground of the Colosseum. Guides are available there to give you the right direction.

So, are you prepare yourself for the Colosseum Underground Tour and explore the ancient history of Rome.  Let us know your comments.

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