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Types of Roman Colosseum Underground Tour

Roman Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

The visits are mostly restricted in these areas but this tour includes the underground of the Colosseum with only a small number of tourists allowed. There is a craze among the tourists and the tickets get away quickly after release. The guides are helpful and they have a good command of English.

It is fascinating for its history and a site to behold. The Romans used to keep the slave and it was the center of entertainment. The 2,000 years old dungeon once infamous for keeping slaves and animals today serves as the site to feed the curious minds. There is a  “Porta Libitinaria” or The Gate of death because all the deceased animals and gladiators used to come out from this gate. It is evidence of how brutal the entertainment of Romans was. The Colosseum underground tour includes Deadly Trap Door & Elevator, Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum, Arch of Titus, Roman Forum, Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, Palatine Hill, and Stadium of Domitian in a total of 3.5 hours. 

The art and architecture of the Colosseum were much ahead of their time. And we couldn’t help but marvel at the genius of the Roman craft. 

Colosseum Underground

Colosseum Underground Private Tour

Going back in time and experiencing the bloodshed of gladiators’ fight will be surreal. The reality which remained beneath the glorious Roman empire tells us how cruel it was in real life. The guides play a very important role in helping us relive the era which passed away centuries ago. On a private Colosseum tour, an engaging private guide will be provided who would be an archaeologist or an expert of ancient Rome. From the ancient uses of this amphitheater to its medieval Christian significance will be explained in the 3.5 hours long walk. The private underground tour of the Colosseum will be very enriching and in the safe hands of knowledgeable guides. You and the guide could focus more on personal queries during private Colosseum underground tours.

You can easily skip the long entrance lines in an Underground private tour with priority entrance and get the best time to ‘Roam in the ancient life of Rome’.

The VIP tour of the Colosseum is an unmissable thing in life! 

Night Underground Colosseum Tour

Who will not want to experience and unfold history in the utmost silence and serenity? The night underground colosseum tour is personalized and only a few visitors are allowed. The night tours are more intimate and the experience is more surreal. People prefer to visit Colosseum at night to feel the scary and bloody stories of the great empire. As the guide tells the story one could easily feel the hair rising. There is a long list of pre-booking for the night shift as most of the visitors love to listen to the stories at night and especially of an Empire. There are Colosseum guards who will unlock the gates for you to experience the walkway of gladiators in the same manner and feel the hair rising thrill. Experiencing the night in Colosseum is definitely an iconic experience. The tour gives you a very personalized atmospheric experience. The booking doesn’t wait for you. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance. For people who don’t like dry heat, it’s the best they can have. The Colosseum has all mighty, romantic, scary, bloody, and furious stories to tell.

Colosseum Small-Group Underground Tour

The restricted sites are not always open for exploration but only on special tours. The numbers of visitors are generally small due to the area being one of the biggest and most important sites of archaeology in the world. Only a small group of people will be managed at a time. The maximum number of people is 24 on one tour. Small groups are best suited during the time of COVID 19. It would be a convenient and smart decision to make. And the small groups get priority entrance too. The small tour consists of 6 people. It gives a more personalized experience to the tour and makes it more comfortable for the visitors and the guide. In a personalised small tour, you will get access to the tunnels and dungeons which are not available for other tourists. 

What’s included in the Colosseum Underground Tour?

It includes the Rome colosseum tickets, arena floor, the gladiator’s walkway, elevator, arch of Constantine, Palatine Hill you can experience the place where all the wealthiest people of Rome used to reside, the temple of Caesar, the Arch of Titus, and the stadium of Domitian.

You will get access to all those places which are not open for general tourists. Only a few visitors get the chance to relive the glorious and bloody history of the greatest empire. Colosseum is history in itself. It is symbolic and it sums up different people and culture. From the ancient Roman history of gladiators and recreational bloodshed, it includes Christian significance too!

What’s not included in the Underground Tour?

The site is one of the largest sites of archaeology in the world. The belvedere and hypogeum are still restricted areas. There are continuous study and archaeology is going on and the reason why they are not accessible to visitors. The complex study is going on, and hopefully, we will get to visit these places soon.

About Colosseum Underground

The underground area of the Colosseum holds the biggest stories of all time. The public and the emperor were the spectators of the bloodshed. But the gladiators and beasts were tied in the underground of the Colosseum. The place is very infamous for keeping slaves and animals in very inhumane conditions.

It was a symbol of Roman greatness but it contained the sadist description of glory.

The hypogeum, monumental entrances and the gate of death ate some of the highlights of the underground of Colosseum.

colosseum Colosseum

Colosseum Underground FAQs

  • Is the Colosseum Underground worth visiting?

Yes, if you want to relive the glorious past of the Romans. It is totally worth it.

  • Can the Colosseum Underground area be visited?

Yes, there are certain areas that are accessible to visitors and are safe for visitors.

  • Out of all the Colosseum tours available, which one is the best?

A more personalized experience would be great. You can ask your query to the guide. 

  • Is there an advanced booking option that should be chosen for the Colosseum Underground tour?

A book is always helpful. But the guides are very specialised and knowledgeable people and they generally have a good command of English.

  • Is there a skip-the-line entry for the Colosseum?

Yes, on a private tour or small-group tour you can skip the line and get priority access away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. 

  • Are backpacks allowed inside the Colosseum?

Yes. All backpacks are allowed inside the Colosseum, just not oversized handbags. 

  • Is there a guide needed to tour around at the Colosseum?

A guide would be of great help. They are generally archaeologists or an expert in ancient Roman history who will accompany you and tell you information and tales regarding the history of the Colosseum.