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Types of Roman Colosseum Tour 2023

  • Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum Tour

Colosseum theatre is the most massive Amphitheatre ever known to mankind. As one enters the place, one’s mind is replete with the magnanimous infrastructure of it, the legends of the majestic kings, warriors, and gladiators. The theatre is resonating with the deadliness of fights between human beings and ferocious creatures. The theatre is majuscule with an elliptical shape, started in 72AD and completed by 80AD. It has a capacity of 75000 spectators. The cost of a roman colosseum tour is € 49 per person. You can avoid lines outside of some of the most famous ancient attractions of Rome and get skip-the-line entry to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum. Led by professional guides who’ll introduce you to the history of Rome and some of the most famous Roman emperors, this tour is included with your priority entrance to the archaeological places. You also get headsets that will help you to hear your guide better.

  • Colosseum Arena Floor Tour

The Colosseum Arena Floor is a landmark that is majorly out of reach for the majority of visitors there. The Arena floor is as emotive as exclusive it is; the very ground zero, where gladiators achieved ultimates of Fame or death. There is also one sort of VIP ticketing facility, availing which one could directly skip the line and directly enter the area that’s not for the general mass. From this ground, you could almost have a first-person view of what the gladiators saw from there, the unprecedented, peerless Palatine hills and the Roman Forum. The cost of the colosseum underground and arena tour is € 82 per person. You will get an exclusive entrance to the Colosseum by skipping the massive ticket queue and spending extra time inside the famous Colosseum. You can take a walk with an expert guide and explore ancient Rome and the vibrant history of the monument itself. 

  • Private Colosseum Guided Tour

The Private Colosseum guided tour is one of the most remarkable and ever-memorable journeys any tourist can opt for. This tour is where you get your private space to walk freely and enjoy every aspect and detail of the monument in your own leisure time. The VIP tourist status not only enables a quick hassle-free visit but also saves you both energy and time while traversing the pages of golden history. With the VIP badge, you’re even allowed to visit the hallways where the warriors waited for their turns to face the invincible beasts, envision their mightiness and grandeur of soul and courage, unsurpassed. A regular Colosseum tour is itself very grand; and then comes the VIP tour of the same, which is unlike any other tour. The very essence of Roman blood and spirits is reflected through every entity and place you come across in this visit. The cost of a Private Colosseum guided tour is € 150 per person.

  • Colosseum and Vatican Combo tour

The Colosseum and Vatican combo tours are idealistic of all the tour packages available there. It is for those who want to garner the most of this Roman visit, who have the least bit of time but the most bit desire to imbibe every possible feature of art and mastery. In this package, you are provided with a guide to lead you through the most exclusive spots of tourist attractions- namely the Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Roman forums, and Palatine hills. You’re continually provided with mind-boggling facts and truths about the past by an expert guide. Marvel at the opulence of art in the Vatican Museums with your skip-the-ticket-line ticket. You will be provided with a route map with suggested itineraries to help you organize the day. You will be awestruck when you stand beneath Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel and soak in the masterpieces’ beauty by Raphael, in the public section of the Papal Apartments. The cost of this combined tour starts from € 35 per person. 

  • Colosseum Night Tour

The Colosseum is as magnificent in the daylight as in the nighttime. The night tour is yet more specifically devised for those visitors who want to witness the magic of the Roman city and its priceless heritage, illuminated in the dark draped blackness of the surroundings. The ethos is heavenly and enigmatic, the sights picturesque as nothing else on earth. The illuminated buildings and light shows grab your attention and will reside in your heart forever since. 

The street food, the crowd, the lighted up roads and restaurants is a lifetime experience for anyone. There’s also the feature of line-less entrance included in this Night tour package. Explore the arena floor and then head straight into the underground. This visit becomes even more unique as very few visitors get to visit the Colosseum Underground area, and even less see it at night. This tour will end before midnight when the night is just starting in Rome and there’s nothing but peace. The cost of a Colosseum night tour is € 79 per person.

Included in the Rome Colosseum Tours?

  • 1.5 – 2 hour Colosseum tour
  • Exclusive Colosseum Arena access
  • Skip the Line Rome Colosseum Tickets, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and the Vatican
  • Free entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • Headsets when needed to better hear the guide
  • An English, German or French-speaking professional tour guide who will tell detailed and interesting stories about ancient Rome and the monument
  • Groups no larger than 25 people
  • Pickup service from selected hotels and transport facility for the activity duration via bus or coach
  • 3-course dinner at a traditional restaurant
  • Water bottles
  • Free Wi-Fi at the meeting point

Not included in the Tour of Colosseum?

  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Drinks
  • Visit St. Peter’s Basilica on Wednesdays

Colosseum Tour FAQs

The Skip the Line Colosseum and Ancient Rome Walking Tour is the best tour there is as you stroll around the Colosseum learning about the history of the Amphitheatre and the lifestyle of the people of that time.

With an expert tour guide narrating epic tales of Ancient Roman history, and answering any questions you might have to enrich your curiosity, I’d say taking a tour is well worth it!

It costs between €48 to €68 to visit and tour around at the Colosseum.

If all by yourself, it will take about an hour to finish the tour, but if on a guided tour, it takes 2 to 3 hours for completion.

Without a special access to skip-the-line tour tickets there’s no chance of you getting in without hassle. But you can definitely visit and stroll around yourself without a tour package.


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